Monique Rollins, Warm

Monique Rollins, Warm


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Monique Rollins

March 10 - April 25, 2018


The Zhu Naizheng Research Center of Art


Reception: March 10, 2018

Panel Discussion and Exhibition Preview at the Beijing American Center: March 8, 2019


Curator: Kathrine Page, Deputy Curator: Wenlu Bao
Presented by: The Delaware Contemporary


This Far East inspired exhibition by native Delawarean Monique Rollins, is part of an East/West cultural exchange by The Delaware Contemporary. This exhibition was featured in the Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery at The Delaware Contemporary August 16 - November 19, 2017 and now these 22 collage paintings have traveled to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, then to the Zhu Naizheng Research Center of Art.



Rollins' abstract paintings and collages take on an expressive aesthetic tapping into the human unconscious. Inspired by her extensive experiences from traveling abroad, every gesture, color, line, and form represents human emotion. Like the East Asian aesthetic, Rollins' work often implies landscape while filled with energetic gestures and colorful shapes.



This traveling exhibition is sponsored by McConnell Johnson Real Estate, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olmsted, The Siegfried Group, UBS Business Solutions, The Delaware Contemporary, and Zhu Naizheng Research Center of Art, Beijing.





本次由遥远的东方获得启迪的展览,东方之诗,来自特拉华本地艺术家莫尼克·罗林斯(Monique Rollins),亦是特拉华当代艺术馆 (The Delaware Contemporary) 东西方文化交流项目的一部分。本展览在2017年曾在特拉华当代艺术馆Carole Bieber and Marc Ham展厅展出。罗林斯的抽象绘画和拼贴具有表现力的审美趣味,融入了人们的无意识。受她在海外旅居期间生活经验的启发,每个形状、色彩、线条和形式都具有人类情感。就像东亚美学一般,她的作品蕴含着宽广的内心景观,并有灵动的形状和斑斓的色彩。


本次展览赞助感谢:Mc Connell Johnson Real Estate,Michael Olmsted夫妇,The Siegfried Group,UBS Business Solutions,特拉华当代艺术馆,以及中国北京朱乃正艺术研究中心。