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Fragments of Seas_catalog_0219_V2
Fragments of Seas_catalog_0219_V2

Fragments of Seas_catalog_0219_V2
Fragments of Seas_catalog_0219_V2





Dual show of Monique Rollins & Mark DeMuro


February 15 - 28, 2019

287 Gallery, New York, NY 10001

Reception: February 22, 2019, 6 - 9 PM

Closing Event: February 28, 2019, 6 - 8 PM


Curator: Tansy Xiao

Coordinator: Wenlu Bao

Deputy Coordinator: Liang Hai
In collaboration with COA FoundationLittle Sound


Fragments of Seas is a dual show that bears the traces of two passersby who have made their marks in this city, an island that keeps its memories fresh but never for long. Monique Rollins had resided in New York City for eight years before setting off on her voyage to Florence and Beijing; while Mark DeMuro grew up moving to a new city every three years, from Tokyo to Miami, until he made his decision to settle in New York. Oceans and seas interconnect the fragmental experiences of those sojourns: the detachment, the sophistication, and involuntarily, the lightness of constantly being deterritorialized.


Seas are fluid, as cultures and the ambiguous areas accumulated by the process of globalization might be. But they contain. Inspired by the Buddhist understanding of spirituality, Monique depicted scenes of nature and earthly delights in the format of collage made of found pieces of paper and acrylic paint. Mark, on the other hand, worked on one recurring theme: a coconut cut into two halves as a symbol of a seed where the world began, as well a playful comment on the dualism that comprehensively exists.


Enduring the loaded collective memories in our time as the overwhelming vastness of the seas, one only gets to grasp the fragmentation of their personal experiences: vague, decontextualized and misplaced like dried flowers in a book. Yet they still resonate with the whole, given the right moment, undusted by the right hands.



"If she were not the wayfarer to the unknown, if she were arrived now, settled in her builded house, a rich woman, still her doors opened under the arch of the rainbow, her threshold reflected the passing of the sun and moon, the great travelers, her house was full of the echo of journeying."


The Rainbow          D. H. Lawrence